A butt plug can seem to be risky but most women would swear by it that it is the best sex toy to experience pleasure. However, to understand butt plugs and know what is best suited for you, you need to go slow and experiment for yourself.

Be prepared and do not jump into it at one go. Do not wait for the heat of the moment to arrive to start looking for your butt plug. If you have not used love plugs before then make sure that you are aroused before you insert it. This can turn you on.

Do not insert the butt plug in one go. Ensure that you use your fingers to get the sensation and also that you use lube which can prevent getting any micro-abrasions. This could cause an infection. When you are ready, start inserting the love plug into your rectum.

Once you insert your butt plug in it is time to start your own adventure.The love plugs are there to create fullness. These are used for oral sex, vaginal intercourse, mutual masturbation, and some women also wear it when they are not having sex to please themselves.You can see more here and then purchase the love plug as per your erotic sexual desires.

If the love plug mentions BPA or phthalates then these are not good to be put into the anus.

If the sex toy is priced very low, then it could be because it uses cheap plastic. It is worth spending little more for a reputed brand so that you are assured that what you are using is safe and also that the sex toy will do what it has been bought for.

There are cheap sex toys made of plastic that contains phthalates, Bisphenol A and BPA and these are damaging.