Football safety is vital if you want to play the game again and again. It is most definitely one of the most violent sports where the injury is almost very common. You need to put together the best football kit if you want to play a safe game. Football safety includes buying the right equipment for the game. Right means what will keep you safe and protect you from injuries.

Apart from the minor pains and aches, the most common injuries are sprains in the ankle, injuries in the shoulder and knees, and concussions. There are gears for pretty much all the possible mishaps that can take place. My kids have been in the game for a while now. I have learned it the hard way. Today, this is how I put together the best football kit.

  • Helmet

Be it on a bike or on the football field, you most definitely need a helmet. It should have a high-quality plastic shell on the outside with a thick layer of padding inside. The thick layer becomes the shock absorbers and does not let the head get affected even by the vibrations of a hit.

  • Pants with leg pads and shoulder pads

Shoulder pads, similar to the helmet, have the thick plastic shell along with padding inside. Pads for the hips, knees, thighs and the tailbone can also be added.

  • Football shoes

Yes, there are special football shoes that help you keep your momentum on the field. There is some amazing stuff online. I got my soccer cleats here as well. They are detachable as well as non-detachable.

  • Mouthguard

One that comes with a strap to keep the guard securely to the face is a sensible one.

Prevent injuries by getting the right equipment. Play within the rules and use the proper technique.