Commuting to and fro from work can be very tiring. You may have an early morning at work, but to reach there on time, you will have to wake up much earlier and also factor in the time of your mode of transport.

If you are taking a cab, you need not spend much time waiting, but were you to take the public transport; you will have to reach your stop ahead of time, so that you don’t miss the train or the bus. When you have a long commute ahead of you, it is more time wasted.

Utilize Your Time

Instead of considering this daily commute time as a waste, one can put it to good use. I have a full one hour commute, each way, everyday. Earlier it used to irk me as I would think about how I could have spent half that time sleeping in, in the mornings or work a little extra in the evening, to reduce the work load the next day.

This went on for a while and then I realized, there is no point in brooding over it, as I had no other choice than to spend this one hour every time. So, I decided to use this time to catch up on my reading. But the subway is cramped up and I hardly get to sit at times, leave alone propping a nice bog book and reading in comfort.

I like to listen to harry potter books and I realized I can do the same with other books too. So, now on my daily 1 hour commute, I listen to audio books. This way, I don’t waste my time brooding over the time spent on commute, neither do I have to carry a big book or find a suitable place to sit and read.

I can listen to my audio books, despite being jostled around in the busy subway. I get to work more relaxed and refreshed as the books are interesting and breaks the daily monotony.